Bujemane popped up with new material in a flash last week. I’m sure it caught a little bit of everybody off guard as he released an EP titled ‘Cry-Mingle’. So far there hasn’t been much noise about it on the scene but in this climate it takes about a week to get to new music and then another week to listen to it when you press play. I’ve heard about three new project this week alone but I’ve only listened to one. To combat our slow or possibly overloaded attention spans Bujemane teamed up with Suite_A for a video to one of the shorter tracks off his latest.

Aramis was build the camera on this one and although this one is short and sweet - we are starting to see better choice from him in regards to lighting and coloring. Aramis is really a jack off all trades when it comes to any electronic with a lens. He has an “eye” as some like to call it - I prefer to call it a “level of taste”. Bujemane is jumping around nonchalant as-ever - he’s consistent.