breathe x D.White & Co.

D.White is one of Tacoma’s hidden gems. Well he really isn’t hidden but he also is not “out here” in the way many of his peers are trying desperately to be and that is no shot at those ready for their close up; D.White is just moving a different pace. The D.White pace is one where music sounds and feels more thearuptic than anything else. There is a lot of context behind his lyrics and the concepts behind his songs or even his choice to record one song over another. Before ‘BREATHE’ he gave us a ‘Come Back?’ a track that was more of an rhetorical internal question about whether he was going to give himself to the game again after a hiatus while he focused on academia. But D.White is a rapper by way of heritage so maybe he was always going to be the artist to deliver this type of emotionally provoking music, it is literally in his bloodline to do so.

On Soundcloud Blanco (D.White’s alias) is even keen to put an asterisk next to the song title and “ventsession01.” It may sound effortless over playback but articulating your rawest thoughts into musical diction for another human to resonate and relate is why Drake and Jay-Z can not be moved - it is a rare commodity for any songwriter to develop most do not. D.White’s words produce imagery that help you follow his lyrics and reveal his intent. D.White and Co. did well in terms of A&R’ing the sound with a smooth but still bottom heavy hitting instrumental from beat-smith B.Young. ‘BREATHE’ as a whole does a great job touching on the human condition and the feelings of being overused and under valued and also adapting a mentality to combat life’s everyday little battles.

"just breathe, blanco..."
Written and performed by C'est D.Blanc & Co.

Instrumental: "Come Up" Prod. B.Young
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