A Letter to Tacoma by Reese

There’s a relationship between Seattlites and Tacomans that has been growing in silence organically for a decade. And it stems from relationships, women and men from both areas wandering North or South in search of something “different”. How often does that work out - I wish we had statistics. But it is because of whisking of both crowds that we have come this far there is a more understanding. Stories have been shared and elaborated and we feel as though we’ve figured each other out. Out of that comes admiration and from there - love. 


We’ve met before, but I only saw you on occasion. We know all the same people and we tend to be in all the same spaces. When we first met, I didn’t really know what to think of you, to be honest I was put off a little bit. I’d heard the worst of you, I'd never heard or seen the best of you until I got a chance to know you myself.

I was quickly shocked by how friendly you were, I didn’t expect that at all. We got on pretty well, pretty quickly. And every time I saw you it seemed to be raining, but that was cool because you had such a calming affect, I didn’t mind getting a little wet. We danced around each other and you always seemed to call me back.

When I was forced to be with you constantly, you embraced me with open arms and eased my anxiety. You showed me parts of yourself that I hadn’t known before. You touched me in ways that I’d never been touched and showed me it was okay to be comfortable so far from home. And even though you knew my heart belonged to another, you loved me in spite of myself and opened doors for me that had only allowed me to glimpse through the keyholes before.

Now it’s my time to leave you and maybe for good. I hope you don’t feel betrayed; this affair was what we both needed. I took from you and you gave and gave and gave. I’ll never forget what you’ve done for me and I can only hope I made you proud. I tried to give you my all in the short amount of time that we were intimate. These last eight months have been beautiful and I don’t regret being with you time and time again…you always helped me catch my breath right after you took it away.

So long, Tacoma. I have to go home now, Seattle is waiting up for me. Please don’t forget me as I shall surely never forget you.

With Love,

- Reese


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