The MKF crew has been on a tear lately. I will be the first to admit that they did see some unnecessary hate from the Internet fakes for investing in themselves and pushing to have a video premiered on Worldstar. In this era of rap how can you beef with them over pushing for awareness by any means necessary? Seeing the comments let me know that most of the people trying to make it out don’t even know how to play the game. It is a sad reality the more we get a chance to talk to the youth face to face and see where their perception is leading them.

I’m happy MKF does. We aren’t too far away from the passing of one of their leading members Glewie Sparccs, so some of the wounds are still fresh and any fake love for Glewie or MKF as a whole is getting pressure from the crew - no talking necessary. ‘FAKE LOVE’ their latest song and visual are testament to that energy they are carrying currently. One thing is for certain they have a lot more they want to get done and they aren’t letting anybody get in the way of their mission - the message behind the music is clear, keep your tongue land locked or get that jaw rocked. Lewie has the best verse on this one, in my humbled opinion.