If you do not already follow Romaro Franceswa you should take a moment to open a second tab and jump into his social media which will take you down the neon lit rabbit hole that is his music. Likeitornot Franceswa was another artist that we have been hestitant to play in the 907. It did not have much to with his music considering that I like and play it now but more about his positioning in ours eyes. I did not see enough connection to the side of Seattle I favor or the persons from the North I enjoy most. It only took looking a little longer to see that he was very well connected to the Dave B. and FTB teams. I am open to admit when dealing with Seattle we are still timid, as a whole, to invest time into something that we have to learn - if it hasn’t naturally made its way into the Tacoman culture no one is going looking for it.

I’m thankful that mindset is behind me, the moment I saw the Dave B. connection I wanted to dig a little deeper to see if the dynamic was business or old woes coming up on the scene at the same time. Then there was the cameo on my new favorite Youtube channel Swim Team, on their segment ‘SWIM MEETS’ with Mr. Nicenice - Franceswa was getting buckets and you can not overlook a PNW boy with the natural japer (jump shot), it is in our blood. That was actually the finally selling point because I observed early that he has an amazing energy around him and that has made tons of people want to help and support his vision in a lot of ways. Romaro is often on show bills (at one point it felt like he was the only one) with bigger acts and has an amazing catalog of visuals as well an effective way releasing music. The marketing is always strategic and there is a build up to releases that engages with his fans. Lastly he takes his image seriously - he dresses well and sometimes styles things to the edge to capture the theme of a look. It’s dope that he’s daring in that way. He shows that a lot in his visuals and ‘KISS THE SKY’ is no different. The song is off his latest project bearing the same name and is doing solid numbers for him on streaming platforms. From both a video and audio representation this is great introduction to Romaro Franceswa.