Eazy EQ never stays away for too long, now that she’s on our radar we see the moves and they continue to impress us. This time she did so by flexing her network and tapping in with a town favorite Keon Simms for her latest release ‘FAST LANE’. As much as Eazy EQ is an artist she is an entertainer and she knows what her audience wants to see - so delivers at point blank range. For sure in your face with this one there is a visual set to match the sound that features both artists engaging in more of our PNW lifestyle weed money and outdoor activities. Shenanigans in their finest hour. 

Keon leads off with first verse after the hook and his signature elongated cadence, a flow you have heard on several songs prior if you’re a Keon Simms listener. If you’re new to KE then pay attention as you move through this catalog. This flow in particular is usually paired with a bit of harmony from Keon, something he seems even more comfortable with since coming home, but this time he’s got EQ to add some layers as well. The two fill out the hook nicely together and even the beginning of the track where both are humming to the opening melody is a vibe, there is real chemistry here it’s not for the look or just for cross promoting audiences. It was a nice touch that Eazy EQ lead off the first two bars of her verse with the same flow as Keon before settling into what she does - more proof that the chemistry and joyful spirit of this song was embedded in it since the studio. That really was a shining feature and benefit the first time I played the song. It made it clear that they are fans of each other and their respective sounds.