As the SICKO SUNDAYS continue to rollout I was told we can expect visuals and the 30presents did not disappoint. The first song from the Soundcloud series ‘GUCCI GARMENTS’ now has a video. Shot by Dawson Knight, who might be the hardest working man on the scene right now, the visual is a great performance video from SheedBe and he is surrounded by the ones that he makes money and moves - his :30. Dice games and super sessions - the best life mentality “eating crawfish at beach houses in Gucci garments” and just having fun with your loved ones are the themes of both the song and the video. ‘GUCCI GARMENTS’ was just one more excuse to link with the team and live it up. Call it a jamboree, they shoot for fun.

Show this to a friend, so they can show it to the world and tell the truth about the T.