Currently the consistency is so on point from the scene. Everyday or maybe every other day we are getting new music or visuals from someone that matters. This is not the first time I have seen this happen, when we first began working on SOUNDWAVES VOL.1  which will be considered a T classic (yes I am self-proclaiming this) the artist involved were releasing music right and left. We chose a lot of those artists because of their ouput at the time. It was honestly the first surge for the scene and a moment in the T that helped shape the hip-hop/rap scene of today. Those were overwhelming times, in terms of content, and I could not get to all the music fast enough but I was appreciative of the pace. As a provider of content I found it was best to play it like a game of double-dutch and jump back in when I caught the timing. It’s no longer overwhelming and not only are the releases consistent between the North and South but artist are even claiming their own day once a week.

Mr. Nicenice is one of those artists and he’s staking claim on the start of your week with Healthy Mondays. Thus far it is a strong campaign that features content - just content - by Mr. Nicenice and the lifestyle he is fortunate enough to live. Healthy Mondays to date have featured a pie-eating contest, dance tutorials, music videos and more music. We have long needed more of this lifestyle content, I hope to see the consistency grow and the audience with it.

’LOOSE’ is another Mr. Nicenice jam made for the dance floor and he really is dancing his way into the hearts of everyone who hears him. The cover art photo is a Mr. Nicenice “mood” for sure meme material and indicative of the experience he is forever providing for not only his fans but the people around him everyday.

You can find this one on Spotify as well.