The BAKARI’S WORLD run is not done! I am personally thankful that it is still rolling and there a few more levels to the roll out. Scooby has always been an artist with vision and on this final frontier he is making sure to pace himself and cross all the Ts. His latest is the visual for ‘SWISHAHOUSE’ featuring Shawn Parker easily one of the favorites when the project released. Shawn and Scooby are both well-versed on how to make songs for the public and for a party setting and this is no different. DJQJ produced the beat so this was quite the triangle offense. Both verses have a timing that follows the QJ bounce and the content is true to the letter.

Dawson Knight and Scooby Miles co-directed the visual but Dawson is the man behind the camera and the driving force during post-production. I’m a fan of the coloring on this one, we have seen a lot of coloring techniques over the past year in a half with videos from this region and at first it was off putting but recently my eye has adjusted. Likeitornot Yung Tada was the optometrist. As a final product ‘SWISHAHOUSE’ is what I want to see from the T. If I had ONE thing to add it’s a car full of excited/smiling/smoking women during the parking lot scene. Other than that all the lifestyle necessary was there KBBQ with the crew (if you know you know on that one), parking lot performance plus jet ski’s mind you we live in the PNW. They really capture the way of life - it has been smoke food and fun outdoors since way back when SVNDLAAT was formed in Tacoma. This isn’t San Diego - it’s better than than that if you know how to maneuver.

How do we NOT get behind this? Someone jump in the comments, is this what it looks like?? Are we pushing this version of Tacoma living to the people? Do you want to see Scooby or Shawn win?

BAKARI'S WORLD OUT NOW! https://fanlink.to/bakarisworld