People pass and others are born - some say the only way to new life is death of an another one. So when :30, the original cast known by the T and those in the know along its borders, decided it was best to dismantle parts of the original faces in pursuit I knew it was mostly about a transition of the primary players. There have been :30 members riding the sidelines and playing their roles to a T as the clique paved the way to their own lane. Now that the lane is clear and certain players have moved onto executive roles the roll-out for the new wave of :30 is fully mobile. SICKO SUNDAYS is a product of the transition 30Presents has made - it allowed Vonje the space to introduce himself properly and start to release his version of their sound. Next up is BIGFACERAY one of the youngest from their camp and long time mascot, I’m almost certain that is how he got his name Face originally - he’s the one you recognize.

‘FACETIME’ is the first official release from BIGFACERAY but not the first time we have heard him over the :30 signature sound. It has been said via BFR (BIGFACERAY) there are a slew of unreleased tracks going to find their way onto a few different tracklists over the end of the year and leading into 2019. Upon a first listen ‘FACETIME’ is solid start, it is entirely produced by Quincy James formerly DJQJ and has some standouts that are hard to skip after the first car test. ‘RARI COUPE’ is the opening track and a very good representation of BFR and what he is going to be bringing to the scene in terms of sound. He has a paced flow and experiments with cadences, often more than one, per song. He voice is deep and scratchy but the pitch raises from time to time and you can the urgency behind his truths. ‘SACRIFICES’ is my personal favorite and from my discussions about ‘FACETIME’ it is the common thread between them all. If nothing else this a great start for BIGFACERAY, he plays off the energy of the people so I’m excited to see the reaction once it is clear that he’s not taking this lightly. BIGFACERAY has been waiting to get in the game and came to play.