In a time when we ask EVERY artist to “do both” I find it perplexing that our region continues to ask for more of one than the other from Dave B. I hear it a little to often in conversation that his listeners feel like he should be doing things differently. What I am failing to understand is how we can ask him for anything when he is giving you everything. After the untouchable ‘PUNCH DRUNK’ he gave you the Sango collaboration that true Seattlites had been waiting for on pins and needles. Then after that he gave you ‘PEARL’ a slightly misplaced project in my personal opinion but fire by all means on the Dave B. music meter. He hasn't missed yet for us over at the 907. All we want is to see him more and in more effective ways but we also believe the music will take him there via patience because it’s too potent to passover. Time will tell us the truth.

Until then the rumblings via social media are that Sango and the other Seattle kid (Dave B.) are back in the studio and doing what they both do best - work. I can not imagine what has been made in those rooms or thee room - but what I do know is that there could be heat, and I emphasize heat - hold the flame emojis, that will never hear the birds chip with the sunrise (go unreleased). So I’m grateful for whatever they let leak from the dam.

‘I RHYMED KING WITH KING’ was far from what I expected and a pleasant surprise. Anytime Dave sounds like he’s in his playful pocket is a time to pay attention. Dave is naturally a witty guy so when he injects his satirical self in an assertive matter it makes the records all the more enjoyable for lifetime listener like ourselves at the 907. The cover art is crazy and I’m assuming done by Sango so this one is a Seattle jam through and through for all the right reasons. A rapping Dave with a lot to say pulled up for the shenanigans. It feels necessary.