Nima Skeemz is another name I have seen quiet a bit but I have yet to delve into his catalog. I have no doubt I have come across several records he has been a part of but I haven’t had the opportunity to seek out his skill set and do the digging I usually do. I’m sure all that is on the way in the near future but it always takes a standout record or two to push me over the line. This ‘FULL TILT’ record is first of many I’m sure of it. It was after learning that Nima Skeemz was the engineer behind the Shawn Parker and GARY produced single ‘FALLIN’ that I decide what he does next needed some awareness for the scene.

Skeemz really culled an all-star lineup or at the very least recruited top 3 of the 2018 draft class. Every one of the artist he chose to jump on this track are headed for a new heights in pursuit of their passion. Lazā, who our readers know as the former MisUndvrstood or Stood', has always been able to wow the Internet and rally new fans whenever they realize her caliber and ability. Parisalexa and Shawn Parker are easily two of the more recognizable names from the scene as their network is a wide range of flavors and faces from Tacoma to Bellevue.

Nima Skeemz really deserves a lot of credit for this record though, it’s a dance floor ready single with power players on it and his production and post-production are nothing to scoff at. One of the more captivating points of the song is how seamless the first transitions are from Lazā’s verse to Parisalexa on the hook (that feels like a quick four bars) into Shawn’s verse. It feels like they are in in the same recording booth sharing the mic flawlessly. It is not always easy to capture that sound and energy on record. Kudos Nima Skeemz you got our attention. As for the rest of the gang I will forever be excited to see the networking go to to work like it has here. My real hope is to hear this out and about in the night and not just at SOLID on Thursday’s with Baloogz and Quincy James - but in every local DJs set.