Vonje has really become an asset to SheedBe and the rest of 30Presents. He has the work ethic and you can hear that he’s passionate about making music that resonates with him and his closest. This is a part of the SICKO SUNDAYS releases but was dropped on a Monday. It feels like a Vonje loosey and so should be thankful he let it out of the vault, I can assure you there are more of these and I want them all to drop.

Vonje’s production on LING LING is consistent and impressive but it his verse on LING LING is an attention grabber. His cadence is more poised and his words more potent in the delivery, he and SheedBe are turning their teamwork into something of demand and we all know what demand can do for the right artist. SheedBe continues to prove that he can handle whatever is brought to the table as he once again turns bars into a chorus and a chorus into a star-studded affair. Yes this track is unmastered but it is still masterful work from my favorite 30PRESENTS duo.