JONE$ is another one of those names that I have been seeing but I have not been smart enough to click on. Recently I became a bit wiser thanks to one of JONE$ more thorough peers on the scene - Mr. Nicenice of course. I was scrolling his page for entertainment as I often do and bumped into his RT for JONE$ new single ‘PATIENT’. A lot of things caught my eye. The artwork for one, a clutter-less design with a bright backdrop, the song title, I am still a sucker for content with worldly context not purely the flex and I must say that his name and follows to follower ratio were the extra nudge that I needed to press play.

Are you reading the thought process behind how long it took me to just hit play?!?! For art in every medium it seems like pulling teeth to find spectators - an audience that is yours is hard to find and even harder to keep but JONE$ is preaching patience, I pray it’s from practice.

The song itself is good, the beat is heavy fun and attention grabbing. The cadence and flow throughout is confident and timed well plus the content is attractive and relatable. JONE$ is speaking on to a common thread in the fabric of life - time and how it effects us but you have to have patience.