Since my introduction to 30PRESENTS and all that it means, to not only its members but the scene that they help build, SHEEDBE has been the superstar of the bunch, he’s not the oldest or the wisest of his core group but he is certainly the most authentic. SHEEDBE is really from it and it’s not on him it’s throughout him. But that authenticity is paired with his artistry, something he takes serious, and it leads him to be unparalleled in this, his, marketplace. And knowing that is why and more reason to support his currently work to release ratio.

Since SICKO SUNDAYS I have slowed down on playing national rap. I see no point in pressing the same play button that a literal million other people have already pressed. That play button is exhausted and there are millions of others that have fire waiting to jump through your speaker. The T seems to love Dolph - BUT WE HAVE OUR OWN DOLPHS!!! It is, again, up to us as an audience with first adopter access to something that has already gotten the head nod from your favorite QC/1017 producers to put that sound/artist/group on our backs and champion them. We missed the wave with ILLFIGHTYOU - we allowed their wave to be bigger on the Internet than in persona and it sunk our battleship. When an artist breaches the scene or is a catalyst to its growth they need to feel the love not just know it’s there but see and hear appreciate. We have to stan for something. Yes there was satire in that last sentence - lots of it. Their latest release ‘TAKE A CHANCE’ is my new favorite and for me that means they also understand what the people want and there is some strategy behind this releases and that is exciting to say the least.

So stay up on it. SICKO SUNDAYS has been consistent thus far and SHEEBE and Vonje are planning on releasing videos for some of the ones they do see catch some traction with the people. There is a national spotlight on us - but we have to see it first. Below are all the SICKO SUNDAY releases we have not posted, play catch up.