Blakksoul has been collecting records like playing cards behind the private walls of studios and home studios from Lakewood to Tacoma up and around Seattle and all the way down to LA - where he is spending most of his time these days. The hardworking soul and R&B singer, for those who remember how the latter originally sounded, has announced via Twitter that he is ready to release some of the records on the shelf yelling, “PICK ME!”. The first being ‘Dangerous’ a record that can easily live up to its name in the right dark room or candle lit setting. Or maybe even post candle lit setting - just spitballing ideas at this point but if you let Blakk Soul play Quarterback this one might get you in the endzone. The production is sexy for certain and Blakk Soul steps in showcasing his range immediately but it’s that sample in the beginning that is the golden ticket and quite the icebreaker for any mood just because, but extra special for one that is about to get serious. 

I see the ladies with their fingers crossed in hopes we get more of this type of content from Blakk Soul in the same tempo and a little faster once or twice for the car ride turn up. Between this work and Bath Bombs we are starting to hear a different sound from Blakk Soul one that plays to the mentality of these “forward” times.