It has been fairly clear to see over the past 5 years that R&B is climbing its way out of a hole and back into the hearts of many. It started with PARTYNEXTDOOR and splintered off into Bryson Tiller Torey Lanes and about 30 sound-alikes each. Some have lasted like 6LACK and others haven’t as much (Tyus) but the sound is still relevant and was catalyst to a lot of what is happening right now. That short lived era of “I love women for their inhibitions and not much more” turned Daniel Cesar and Brent Faiyaz into heroes and opened the floor for more than the trendy talky sound that raised the question - who actually has the vision AND the range? Around our way their are not many that we can say confidently have both on record and on-stage, most acts have one or the other or neither but they work hard at making it LOOK right. WaxTheProducer is someone I believe to possess both, partly because I was introduced to him by one of his peers. A peer who is normally a competitor of those around him with comparable talents but instead they became collaborators. Blakk Soul was that voice (yup, a pun) he asked me if I had heard of Wax and told me I needed to have a closer listen. I was slow to listen and it wasn't until friend and rapper K.O. shared a bill with him that I got to make my decision on how I felt about him as an artist.

Wax is impressive to say the least and has a peer group of several suns coming up over the horizon. Not only has Wax already developed a working relationship with Blakk Soul he also works closely with one of our favorites at Club907 - the multi-talented Aaron J. And on this new jam ‘Director’s Cut: Take 2’ you can see why. The song concept was already spot-on considering he edited the name to ‘Take 2’ and the writing between the artists on the track only helps build out the ‘on set/bts’ setting in your mind and describes the mood. June B is someone that I haven’t heard of yet but keeping this kind of company and being tapped by the likes of Wax and Aaron has to say something about the quality of talent he brings to the table. This is one for the car ride test - it it COULD be home for the car ride home too if you do it right.