This is the second full length of the year from Khris P who told me last year that he was building out songs and concepts to do exactly what we are witnessing. Khris P: The Fireman was an introduction in another level of his persona, he is not leaving anything behind he's adding on as he goes. And the satire behind the crispy/Khris P is there for those that care to pay that much attention to his intentions. Khris has long time been an anchor to the Tacoma SVNDLAAT crew and although his lyrical prowess and ability to write well-rounded songs is often overlooked by his incredible talent as a producer. Personally it hurt that more of his fans didn't champion his return to the rap ring solo. It doesn't seem to add up to the love shown for past endeavors plus "The Fireman" cover is unmatched in terms of art direction, that cover will forever hang in the Tacoman hip-hop rafters. 

So when the second one dropped recently you just knew the wind was going to carry the flame and it would spread like wildfire. It happened. But it didn't. And one is left to wonder where did the support go?? Do projects only live on the Internet for limited time without the push of a blue check or industry co-sign?? Is he one of those artists we all have such a personal relationship with his journey and sound that we don't want to share our gem?? There has to be an explanation behind it. Does someone with a blue check have to say aloud that they've played it more than once?? I understand the vouch but I'm certain regional support can vault an artist over any wall. When the support is that collective it is too big to block out. It has been said several times, so many times that we are beginning to believe it is being ignored on purpose. Our region/cities will go when there is more unity to the scene. Another question is this, if not Khris P then who do we plan on pushing, who can we all agree on?? Do we all agree on Lil Mosey & Ghoulavelii?? They can go with a push, but we will push them??

Whether or not the questions above can be answered truthfully remains to be seen but one thing that is true is that Khris P put out an above average project and poured a bit of his soul into it - the bit that is still currently on fire. Starting with SELF EMPOWERMENT the message is clear from the beginning that he's ready to address the chip on his shoulder. "OOOOOO I'M BOUT TO MAKE EM MAD" he is forward with his approach. And from there things only continue to heat up with 'PLZ' as he addresses what has been happening around him all this time. Everybody says they got you or they are helping but only a certain few really step up to the plate in order to see you succeed because they genuinely want that success FOR YOU. Keep the fake PLEASE is the overall theme of the song and might hold the most purpose on the album next to PUTT PUTT. PUTT PUTT is anthem for any city trying to get their respective place of residence out the mud and into the meetings. "I PUT THE CITY ON THE MAP I PUT THE TOWN UP ON THE SCENE". Those are words we all scream in one form or another in an attempt to stage direct the spotlight our way. With only 8 songs he left little room for skipping past tracks and outside of the heavy mood change via 'NICOTINE INTERLUDE' there is a consistent bounce and flow to the music and the content. All 8 songs are produced by Khris P with a little help from Quincy James on 'MYPSACE'. 

So if the content is there and the music is fun - the question is what does it take to keep the ball rolling, how do we not leave this masterpiece next to dusty silhouette of our former selves before we sprint to the next thing just because it's the most recent?? At any rate Khris P is keeping the ball rolling understanding that sometimes you have to give the people what they want but you have to do it your way. And so even though he just gave you his soul (pun-intended) barely a month ago he's back feeding you with content before you ask him where he's been. Peep his latest below '1322 Freestyle' and afterwards take another listen to SOUL ON FIRE. Pump it up and pass it along if it speaks to you and for you.