Jarv Dee is thee Seattle artist with a MUST-SEE live show. He really is incredible up there, he already has the big/fun personality but when the music starts on stage his persona radiates. An original Moor Gang member and one of few that you will still hear and see repping the Moor name and continuing on his legacy. Jarv is an easy guy to enjoy he engages, he's present and he wears plently of hats. He made The Glow Up Podcast theme music, he is often a feature personality on the podcast, his can produce a bit, engineer a bit, sing rap and during his live show he even recreates beats on stage. That part is really a magic show to watch. Jarv is also one of the first 'weed rappers' that is not one sided in his approach. Due to that ability I originally drew comparisons to Devin The Dude who is a hip hop legend on the West and not to be taken lightly. It was and still is certainly a compliment. We always want to draw comparisons to what we have seen to help our mind digest things but when you dedicate a little time to an artist then you start to be unable to draw those comparisons because you see them for them. Jarv has that affect. 

Recently Jarv Dee took a trip overseas to connect with his hometown homie that has gone global in a major way - Jay Park. Mad respect to Jay Park and H1ghr Music for leading by example and showing the Seattle scene what it looks like to be genuine to your roots no matter your success. Jay Park is a true pop-star in Korea something similar to a Chris Brown but he is from Seattle and does not let that go unnoticed. Park obviously understands the talent his old running mates possess and now he's using his resources to make sure that rest of the world gets a chance to enjoy them. So while out in Korea of course they had to work and they did a lot of work because this visual for Jarv's latest is very impressive and had to be a 3 to 4 day shoot. This is really two friends flushing a dream sequence into reality. Jarv never disappoints with his bars or his ability to harmonize throughout and then H1ghr Music mate Sik-K comes through with a verse in his native tongue. Whether the video goes 'viral' or not it is already racking up numbers and will continue to do so over the next couple of weeks. If the H1ghr team can help keep this kind of content push behind Jarv he’s an artist we can see both scenes Tacoma and Seattle championing his talents. I’m really looking forward to a solid press run consistenting of a trip to all the social media platforms, we need a Amazon live performance and a KEXP one too and toss in Genius interview, let the man tell his story!!