Why is he in VLONE smh. I guess free is free. 

Ghoulii (Ghoulavelii) is one of the few to watch right now, he has the national attention of the youth in a way that we haven't seen from this far South in this new era of rap and hip-hop. His journey is one that we witnessed in it's earliest stages and since then we have only observed his moves more closely. By nature Ghoulavelii is a studio rat - he sits with sounds and records off energy. This we know from first hand experience watching him record next to his bed and without 10k worth of studio hardware he was able find hone and polish himself into an ALAMO Records signee. Red Mansion was the song that solidified his presences outside of Tacoma although Stunna was the first to penetrate the scene/culture locally and got the right people asking who is Ghoulavelii. 

Since his signing Ghoulavelii has been in and out of Tacoma traveling elsewhere and to LA frequently to staying in the mix with his label mates and to continue working on what we really want to see - a studio album in the canon of the rap masses. As it stands even with the release of his latest visual through No Jumper (whom we are not particularly fond of but they currently work hand in hand with our Club907 LA liaison and lil sis Sophie) they still label him as a Seattle artist. But we have faith that Ghoulii won't let that stand when it's all said and done. He knows where he concocted the sauce - it's on his shoulders to tell the story the right way.

64 is another level of visual introduction for Ghoulii and it is a good one. First he's in a new space with more notoriety than he has had in the past and its clear if you're looking at the numbers. Secondly he's obviously feeling more comfortable in front of the camera and in his element. The shirtless Ghoulii scene was not one that I expected to see and his high energy movement is even a little awkward to watch at first because currently it looks foreign. Foreign or not it's the side of his personality he needs to be showcasing. He is an introvert for sure but a true musician and performer at heart. If they bright lights are what brings out the star power we should all be doing our best to turn up his wattage.