It has taken us FOREVER to find a Max Marz song that we like but we are here now confident in what we have seen. Max is a newer face on the scene although we have hear his name once or twice from the mouths of babes. The youth all seems to know about one another but their is still very little support. That has to be the reasoning behind why Max is a familiar non-familiar. Ghoulavelii is the real reason why we know his name and we are not quite sure why. Sure Big Bitter has produced for Marz but that seems to be where it ends if you are looking from the outside in. His delivery is a little close to home but when you are a part of the 47 I guess it makes sense to sound like the 47. Who knows. 

What I do know is that this one finally got under our skin and stayed. It has a familiar bounce and Max looks effortlessly cool alongside a real 907 factor BIG FERN47. In hindsight - it feels like we needed to see Max to be comfortable with how close his sound is to 47 mate Ghoulavelii. Either way it goes this is good introduction to Max Marz in our humble opinions and we hope to see more from the kid in near future...or maybe the next time we see him he'll be tour support for Goolii. The wait is all we are waiting on.