Jarv has been on everybody's radar a little more than usual lately and with good reason. Since his connection became official with H1GHR Music Jarv has released the Kranken. Jarv has never been one to play - his work ethic and level of authenticity behind his song making abilities push him into the realm of a standout. Even alongside the Moor Gang and personalities that seem larger than life Jarv maintains credibility as the sensei artist of the bunch for a lot onlookers. His reserved nature off-stage (although he is hilarious and also known for his warm sense of humor) seems to cast a shadow over the big persona that is Jarv Dee. All that has changed in the last two months - he's a bit of everywhere and almost always shooting some type of scene. There is a lot of satire in the fact that he is now on H1GHR Music and leveling up literally. His last visual release (we covered it here on the blog) was shot in Korea of all places and standing on top of structures throughout particular parts of the city seemed to be a theme. And it must be a running theme because Jarv is on elevated surfaces more than once in his latest offering '100' which is easily my second favorite song off 'Safe Travels' the new and first album release through H1GHR Music. Kris and Jarv display some band member chemistry in their scenes together and you can tell this isn't some gross egregious label match up these two work together for a reason and with purpose. The location of the video is gorgeous and arbitrary when it comes to theme of the song but it all looks good and that matters. Soundlapse did such an amazing job in post-production adding to the location through trippy edits and overlays - it really is done tastefully. He shot and directed the visual and you can see vividly how he picked his points. The song is so good that having the visual is more like comfort food - you are content, BUT you eat just because it's there and it makes you happy.