VONJE!!! If the name is not familiar then you have not been paying close enough attention. Vonje is an original :30 member and has been front row of most shows from his peers and brothers of the :30 clique. At first glance you would assume that he's been doing his thing behind the mic and when you factor that in with his :30 lineage it is hard to believe that he's just getting going but it's true. Because we are lucky enough to stay in the know with the 'knowers' we were able to hear Vonje's work earlier than most. Let me put you on notice that Vonje is also a producer - we can leave it there for the moment. 

This FLOODED FREESTYLE visual is a solid start. The beat is right, the location scouting is right, the editing is quality but what makes it Vonje is the outfit. His sense of style is particular even under the :30 aesthetic and his choice of pieces are always standouts. There are parts of the video when he seems more comfortable than others in front of the camera. In those comfortable moments you can see the potential - it just needs a polish. I personally wanted to see more rapping into the camera for this one but being that it is a freestyle I should have expected a little more lifestyle instead of performance and the dancing is golden.

"Diamonds dancing on me like I'm...Chris Brown" - one thing is certain Vonje is going to be about these one-liners when the time is right.  

That was a longwinded way to say this is coo but I'm excited for more. 

Shout out to Nate for getting the detailed outfit cut scenes so flawless in the beginning of the video. Vonje could make that a repeating theme in his visuals - a little calling card plus the flex.