Shawn Parker has been waiting for this moment. When Keon went away initially Shawn was one of the persons I saw effected most by his absence. It took me a while to see why but it became clear that Shawn and Keon are peers amongst the rest of the crowd, they were the runts of the group on the come up. Both are younger than rest of the former :30 clique but they each carried the same ambitions and went on some of the same missions. It's always good to have a running mate amidst a larger group of brothers - it often keeps you focused, no pun intended. 

'OFTEN' is their first split release since Keon’s return home although this is not there first song released together over the past couple of years. This was worth the wait there is maturity in their deliveries and song structure that I have been anticipating from this two - a new level of focus even. Shawn has been increasingly in the pocket on every hook lately and he kept it very consistent here - Keon's bridge is flawless, it always sounds like he's giving bars from the verse. It's a great concept how ‘OFTEN’ they are getting to it, how ‘OFTEN’ they make it happen, how ‘OFTEN’ the ladies choose, it's rings true to their lifestyle. A little change everyday goes a long way. Through Keon's bridge there is this endless pace to the song that makes it playable in the car, carries enough energy for an energetic stage performance and possibly some club/party settings. One thing to notice is the popular harmonizing that we haven not heard much from Keon and only here and there from Shawn but they utilized it here in a tasteful manner. This deserve a video with proper location and superb lighting - we need the visual to accompany the moment and show the runts no longer running behind the pack but running things and having things. It progression that needs to be spotlighted - they worked to get here. You can expect more from these two and personally I would like to hear Black Mayo produce another. 

"Tryna make this right like a lefty" I enjoyed this line.