There is no doubt that MKF is a team effort and that their team has a solid work ethic - the doubt attached to their name has to do with whether Lewie and the gang can crack the code to the scene that surrounds them. Lewie, formerly Lil Ripp, has had the hearts and attention of his youth, his peers and his elders at one point or another but what he hasn't been able to do is sustain that rush of attention. Part of this is to be blamed on the lack of attention span that a lot of listeners possess and some blame can be placed on the under development of the hip-hop scene here making it hard to grow as an artist. The Internet has helped to change the latter. 

Since the passing of one of MKF's frontmen Glewie Sparccs there has been the release of 'Glewie's World' a mixtape in his honor and featuring other members of MKF with all proceeds going to his family. It has been quiet, for the most part, since then and with good reason. It's hard to push forward with a play when you lose one of your playmakers and more importantly a friend that feels like family. Sure you get back in the studio but is releasing the music you make during that time really in your heart?? It's a battle not many can make it back from but if there is one thing I have come to learn about Lewie it is that in those moments he shines - he is willing to press on in the face of adversity and I personally have seen him do it on two occasions. It all counts for something. 

The latest MKF work is what I, again personally, would love to see. They have the potential and recently it has been recognized by the right eyes. What is not shocking is that industry folk have long known about Lil Ripp before MKF, they have always understood the potential but maybe have been scared to take the chance they need to take. If you follow MKF closely you know a certain A&R finally found it in their spirit to call on the team and get them to LA for a meeting with Epic Records. It felt like immediately upon their return that they dropped the second of the two visuals below 'Can't Trust You' and 'LIKE YOU' dropped only days prior and it was a well placed introduction to Dippiano, a new lead face for the MKF crew. That or I am blinder than the optometrist has lead on. Both songs go - Lewie doesn't really miss on hooks for the most part he's there but there are moments that things can sound redundant and that is where those short attention spans become nonexistent. The point is that right now the right eyes AND ears are listening and it's important to rally behind things you support when the 'timing' is right. The time is now.