Admittedly it has taken me sometime to warm up to the sound of EMI. She has the look and she seems to have the healthy balance of understated and overwhelming under control. Those are key factors in the women that run the net - exposure has to be JUST right for your core audience to grow with you and bring along some loyal friends in the process. EMI certainly has some loyal friendships, some of them we have seen in person and other we have watched develop from afar. Again, admittedly clicking on EMI video links is something I have been slow to do but when I noticed Shiner Pacific tangled in mix it struck a chord and one more view was counted. Shiner never disappoints and once again he is on par with industry quality and even ahead in his post-production and cinematography. This is proof again of her friendships and her ability to make the right ones. But the proof is her work as well with her latest visual and currently the one EMI song I am spreading throughout the family group chats ‘Bad Friends’. She wasn't lying she has some bad friends and the writing on this songs is well done no A1 necessary, she really came with the flavor. If this was the song of an already notable artist this is out of here especially considering the current "energy" women are exuding daily in music and social media. I have to comment on the location scouting because it seems to be Shiner's ace-in-the-whole every time, he rarely misses and can make 800 sq. feet feel like acres the way he presents it to the eye and audience. The numbers game is treating EMI and Bad Friends decent via ELEVATOR but we need to hear this out on the scene once or twice a night. In a party atmosphere there is no reason not to. Took some time to get here but now that my ears are open I'll be looking forward to more of this sound and EMI’s nonchalant confidence.