If the past 3 years have shown us anything about the Tacoma hip-hop/rap scene it has been that SheedBe is a standout. Originally from (Philly) Philadelphia but raised in South Tacoma/Parkland and Hilltop area SheedBe embodies a certain look and character. It is one we have seen others attempt to match or parallel in an attempt to recreate the look but the feeling is often missing. Sheed has lived it. And thus far on his musical journey he has provided 2-3 "hits for the streets" unbeknownst to a lot of the Tacoman community he also garnered the attention of names in the national spotlight as well. His actions and words have eluded to a plan that we have not yet seen in fruition but this latest work has the spirit of his earlier bangers and come with the promise of more. 

If you recall not long ago we posted a video by artist/producer and original :30 member VONJE. We learned about his production skills, and the unexpected skill level he has, less than four months ago from a reliable source close to the once :30 camp. Shortly after we saw the release of the VONJE freestyle and now he's putting together the sound for his team's star athlete. 

This first one is THEE sound. When I first played it the sound itself (beat/production) gave me nostalgic feelings about what Sheed and the rest of the former :30 crew have been able to do and the sound that they have built and trademarked here in Tacoma and specific parts of the Northwest. It is still the creepy sound that PHX built, but it's on a new VONJE set pace and has a more extraterrestrial touch on top of the drums and intertwined into the melodies "..clear diamond ice water Aquafina, the see me they shinin they wanna be me/ Eatin crawfish at beach houses in Gucci garments/ALL THESE WANNA BE TRAP NIGGAS LOOK WHAT GUCCI STARTED/”!!!!

Oldie but goodie: YEAH X SHEEBE - Shot/Produced by PHX