Mr. Nicenice is an entertainer when you sum up everything that encompasses his persona. He's here to get you excited by being excited. He's about turning your frown up side down - he wants you to act up with him - it's like the battery in your back baton race when he's in the general vicinity. It is great and thus far never gets old. He lives quite the lifestyle and now with the help of Swim Team’s visual production he's doing something that most artists are not, Mr. Nicenice is bringing you along for the ride. So far it's fun activity based content, episode one was definitely not what I thought it was going to be and I enjoyed that most about it. It's a healthy mirror into the personality of someone that is pursuing his passions full-time it's not just about studio time it's about building a brand. He's even linking in parts of the team, making introductions and crossing fan bases through his other artist friends and he's not even 5 episodes deep. There are so many things worked in and working out naturally here. Really he's giving too much game and again it's in the form of entertainment. 

Peep the first two episodes of Swim Meets w/ Mr. Nicenice both of them are worth the laughs.