***UNFINISHED dirty dancing !/HowImKomin X GHOULAVELII

Ghoulavelii often catches flack for not putting out music at the same pace as his peers. He has always vocalized, to me, that he enjoys releasing music from a feeling rather than the timing of some analytic database. In the past he's proved himself right Stunna, 6 Stripe and Red Mansion were all released in that manner and the response went in his favor each time. This could be him gearing up or this could be the Goolii temperature check. Neither are produced by Ghoulavelii which hurts my soul but both still hold the essence of his energy right now. Everything has this bright fun bounce to it but although his content hasn't changed it's just careless in a different way. The first half "HowImKomin" so far has some spunk to the bars and isn't just cadence and energy, he utilizes the beat drops too well. My favorite bar being: 

"I took the clothes off the racks/ and I be smoking top shelf/ fuck that bad bitch and go stealth"

These unfinished "leaks" are most likely released in correlation with his #udontdropshit hashtag. The way fans perceive the amount of music they should be getting and how often is a rapid pace and even though Ghoulavelii knows this he's not one to be rushed - so you take what you can get. 

"dirty dancin !"  is a dance floor track for certain and producer F1lthy deserved a healthy round of applause for his efforts. This song is really another reminder how much Goolii is about rapping - this is two minute freestyle essentially. He clearly liked the energy enough to put it out. I need a good ole Goolii hook on it to round things out but this is a good mid party jam. I need Ghoulavelii to tell her to get on her tippy toes and throw it in a hypnosis circle. Either way this is one step closer to Aries Revenge.