FOOD: Li'L WOODY'S w/ Rell

Hosting guest writers is another way that we are going to be spotlighting the talent around us. Reviews on great food, clothing and whatever else pisses us off or makes us shed tears from laughter. T is day one Club907 and a crew member who agrees with our taste in reference to beer, comedy, food quality and service standards. T is also a budding photographer, and on his recent photo journey around Seattle with P he experienced a burger he had to tell me about and his enthusiasm is why I requested he give it the eTc treatment - you can bet there will be more from T. 

Photo by Perry

Photo by Perry

Li’L Woody’s

During a long & very interesting day of walking around Seattle, P suggested we stop in here for Lunch. While I was looking up the directions I saw them listed as “The best burger in Seattle.” So I immediately became excited to prove them wrong. They’re located right on the outskirts of Capital Hill so it's not too far of a walk from Downtown Seattle. When we got there it looked way cooler than I expected and the menu was a bit overwhelming, but you’ll hear more about that later.

Food prep time: It took about 7-8 minutes for us to get our food from the time we ordered, which isn’t bad at all for a burger joint during the lunch rush. (11-1130AM)

Quality of Ingredients/Portion Size: Everything tasted much better than expected from the jump. A lot of these smaller burger joints have soggy or stale buns and an underwhelming amount of toppings. Li’l Woody’s decided to break away from the pack in this regard. The bread was excellent and the patty was on par; if not better than most gourmet burgers. The taste of the patty itself reminded me of something you get at home, well seasoned and juicy. The burger I ordered had bacon and egg on it, and it was nothing short of awesome. The sizes you can choose from are the Li’l Woody and The Big Woody (No I could not order without laughing). Normally I’m a big eater, but the Li’l Woody was definitely enough to fill me up for a few hours (pause). P got a Li’l Woody with a side of fries that was able to completely fill the basket your food is served in. 

Menu/Price: Like I said earlier, the menu was a bit overwhelming, but thats always a good issue to have. You can choose from their signature burgers The Li’l Woody & The Big Woody, or you can choose to start with a quarter pound patty and build your own from there. The options of what you can add to your burger range from mundane lettuce to… Peanut Butter. I don’t know about that one but I’ve seen crazier things. They also have a selection of burgers like ‘The Fig and the Pig’ sporting pickled figs, bacon and Gorgonzola or the “Pendleton” covered in their in house BBQ sauce. I was able to get my burger and brew, Rainier of course, for under $13 which is a solid price for the size and quality of the meal.

Customer Service: The service was very indicative of the overall Seattleite mindset, minimal interaction but still friendly enough to make you feel comfortable. I could see how it might rub some people the wrong way, but that's how I was expecting it to be - so thats kind of whatever. One major perk of this spot, is they’re open late, 11pm M-Th and 3am Sat-Sun. Thats a massive draw and a must for any spot that wants to thrive on Cap Hill. 

Atmosphere: One major thing Li’l Woody’s holds over most burger joints is their layout. You can sit up in the loft, overlooking the restaurant or you can sit in front of the picture window and the bar and catch a super tight view of the Space Needle and Downtown Seattle, its also kind of fun to people watch. Everything is wood covered so it definitely has a Northwestern vibe to it which I enjoyed, the indie music playing in the background added to that vibe as well.

Overall: This honestly was one of the better burgers I’ve had in a really long time, and I love a good burger. They even got P to say they were good which is a challenge in and of itself. Overall I’d give this spot a 9. For lack of better words, the burgers were fucking amazing and the view and location just top off the overall experience, next time you make a trip up North I highly recommend you check this place out.

Reviewed and written by: BrokeBrotha Rell

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