MUSIC: Zaddy Rxffin - Kawasaki

Skymovement no doubt has a name in Tacoma and in the industry their name may extend further most assume. Of their four or five artists Zaddy Rxffin is easily the most energetic. His adlibs and persona precede his music often because they are fun, unique and sometimes shocking. It works for him - Zaddy has a steady following a solid work ethic. He's a necessity within the scene in our eyes there is no one like him and that definitely counts for something during these carbon copy times we are dealing in currently. He's been very consistent with releasing work as of late, and while not all of the new releases have appeased our taste, his latest effort featuring running mate Clemm Rishad struck a cord. Not quite sure if riding Kawasakis is something that the Skymovement actually does in their spare time but this sounds like Summer time fun and Clemm adds all the cool to balance out Zaddy's energy. Consistency is all we can ask for from any artist - give the people as many chances as possible to convert them into fans - Zaddy gets it. Seriously can't get over his adlibs - but the hook catches the beat - it's in the pocket. 

Umi WagonerComment