Spring Training is still available in-store at 907 Pacific Ave Tacoma, WA 98402 and online at and moving quickly but we took a ton of look book photos with our favorite ladies and there are still more to show. Meet Cassie aka the Lebron of white girls. 

Cassie, a beautiful young talent from Tacoma, WA kindly accepted our invitation to model for our Spring'15 season quite some time ago but due to production issues things took longer than expected. Luckily for us when we did finally make the call she was still down to help and I must say she has quickly become a fan favorite. Through mutual friends we heard she had some experience modeling but we were taken aback at how effortless it is for her. She's also a pleasure to work with both completely prompt and professional. So stay tuned for more from Cassie and expect her to become a familiar 907 face.

IG/Twitter: DropTHATCASS


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