Reese will forever be a feature on "Like It or Not" - I'll never tire of saying that over the years his steez (style of dress) has been plagiarized over and over again. As for his sound he's like most artists, Kanye to Wiz Khalifa, they all reference and in some instances over reference sounds and songs from other artists that have given them inspiration over the years. But his branding (his persona) has never wavered, he's a first adopter, he has been in every aspect since he landed in LA and began to spread the brand outside of ATL. He's always going to work with the new break out artist or fashion kid that enters the game - it's his lane and honestly shoudn't be stepped in without shaking his hand. 

But as of late his sound is becoming more and more his own. You can hear it in the beat selection and the song concepts - he's getting more refined at making what his peers make for the culture they all share but in his own way. Peep his new video for stripclub/club night banger "Freak Nique".

Seaanbrooks is dropping work again as well. I enjoy when he goes on these runs and releases 3 to 4 songs in a week's span. He's another artist who will always end up on "Like It or Not" because of his consistency, work ethic means a lot to us here at eTcTacoma. There are three new releases from the young MC in the last 5 days. All three songs are on par with his brand, Seaan has found a pocket since 'Swerve' that he fills in complete from time to time - on this round of cuts. Out of the few newly released songs 'Make It Back' has the particular performance value that I always look for when listening to Brooks. The other two aren't quite our favorite at the 907 but Grayson said he didn't mind the Sell Dat cut so give that a run in your spare time. Another thing that I always enjoy are his D.I.Y. covers. Shout out to the Sell Dat cover. 

Is there 1 of the 3 that you think he should push?? Does one need the video treatment??