VIDEO: Postman x Bujemane & Salad Bar x DG

The start of the year has been slow for visuals, although the new has been more quality and consistent then ever. Ghoulavelii started the year off with '6Stripe' and 'TYTHBAVFE' by Bujemane is still gaining steam everyday. Shawn Parker put out a banger tape last year 'Before the Storm' that still has not seen any visuals, that has been a perplexing concept to grasp. The absence of moving portraits has made the impact that much heavier though. Part of the problem is the lack of videographer post production talents, the majority of camera holders in the T and surrounding areas have the hardware  - and that is about it. The issue is alarming but the change is coming thanks to persons like Yungtada, Dillon (Dapdef), Come Correct and Local Boy Media. 

Bujemane's Postman video released sometime last week, after letting the tape breath for a bit the timing works. The visual itself is simple and effective, there are a solid amount of slow motion scenes that help provide the cinematic value and the shots are frame well. The main shot of Bujemane and his stylish comrades on a back deck behind a fence with brick of money is the kind of cinematography that can keep me around for a full 1:39. That's all my brain will allow. 

DG is a name that people are starting recognize, they know it but they know they've seen it. DG is Club907 for certain but is student and bartender so you rarely see him out. Open mic night might be one of the few nights you can catch him moving in the T. It makes it harder to come to a conclusion about how you feel about his music, personality is such a vital part of the new age rapper/artist/emcee. We like to know that we like you before we decide that we like your music. Video is how he's going to be able to get his personality to shine through and Salad Bar, from his 'Do it Right Dev' project, is DG being DG freely. It's a performance visual but during B-roll the shots DG is his comical self using a head of lettuce to tie to the visual to the song and mimic the money stack phone that is essential to youthful rap videos. It's not the best song on the project but it's got some replay value in the 907.